Wendouree Ballarat Rowing Club

WBRC Address:
Shed 29, Lake Wendouree Foreshore, Ballarat, Vic, 3350
PO Box 162 Wendouree, VIC, 3355

Boat Allocation Policy – training and racing

A clear process for progression through rowing and assignment of boats is required to;

    • Ensure boats appropriate to rowers abilities are used
    • Provide new rowers a chance to learn at their own pace
    • Allow existing crews to build on skills and continue improving
    • Protect the club’s equipment from damage, or misuse
    • Provide a clear and transparent process for booking and allocating boats
    • Ensure the most competitive crews are entered in races with the equipment most suited to them
    • Allow less competitive crews the chance to enter races where possible
    • Allow the club to manage the fleet effectively, in conjunction with the Boat Rigging Policy
    • This policy provides guiding principles but may not address every possible circumstance.
    • All rowers are to follow the Boat Rigging Policy when using all equipment.
    • In no case will a boat be assigned exclusively to one person or crew unless the boat is the property of that person or crew.
    • ‘Member’ refers to a financial member of the club. ‘Non-member’ refers to non-financial members of the club.
    • The captain has the final say regarding allocation of boats.
    • The Rowing Committee will remain open to suggestions and available to consult with members.
    • Refer to related Boat and Equipment Damage Policy for information on liability and damage to WBRC equipment.
General Use/Approved Use
    • Red sticker – Do not use without Captain’s permission. Bookings essential. Captain’s decision is final when bookings clash.
    • Green sticker – General use. Bookings essential. First come, first served.
    • Private boats and oars are stored in the shed. Please do not use private equipment. If you are unsure, ask the Captain. 



    • Non-members may learn to row in activities approved by the Captain.
    • Boats to be used are tubs (green sticker) only – sculls, pairs, doubles, fours. Captain’s permission is required to use other boats.
    • Non-members are allowed to attend for a maximum of 5 sessions before a membership fee is required to be paid.
    • Where a financial member of the club requires equipment (ergo, boat, oars) in use by non-members, the financial member takes priority over the non-member.
    • Non-members are not permitted to use weights equipment.


    • All crews must use a tub when first starting. The coach or crew must ask the Captain for permission to use any racing boat.
    • Crews may be given one-off permission to use a racing boat, or may be given ongoing permission to use a racing boat.
    • When given permission for use of a racing boat, this extends only to the boat/s indicated by the Captain. It does not give the crew access to all racing boats in the fleet.
    • Boats must be booked by writing the name of boat, crew names and times in the diary.
    • Crews who train regularly should advise the rowing committee of their regular timeslot to inform other rowers of boat availability.
    • Speedboats may only be used by appropriately licenced members of the club who have obtained permission from the Captain.
    • Speedboat bookings must be written into the diary.
    • Speedboats are sometimes rented out to visiting clubs, or may being repaired and may not always be available.
    • If there is high demand for the boats the Captain will determine the crews who have use of the available speedboats.
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